Karen Doering

Infographic for July 2016

11 August 2016
Karen Doering

Well if you felt that the real estate market in Toronto was cooling off a bit, you may be right. All signs point to a traditional summertime cooling that we have experienced for the past 20 years, although this one feels a little different [. . .]


29 July 2016
Karen Doering

Don't panic. For further clarification we are not talking about Toronto's hot real estate market, we are talking about summer holidays. Despite all the back to school ads that are starting to appear, there is still plenty of summer left. As for real estate, well, sales remain strong despite a continued decrease in listings and as we enter the home stretch of hot weather, we expect listings will get tighter until Labour Day.


22 July 2016
Karen Doering

For the first time in a very long while, it seems like real estate talk around the city has died down. Maybe that’s a good thing for buyers longing for a little distraction from the frenzy. And if distraction is what you are looking for, well there’s the US election, Blue Jays baseball and hunting for the elusive Pokemon that are popping up everywhere. Just to be clear though, Toronto real estate is as hot as the weather with no end in sight.

June Infographic

21 July 2016
Karen Doering

Toronto's real estate market is often viewed as a riddle wrapped in a conundrum. Consider that the Toronto Real Estate Board recorded a 7.5% increase in the number of sales across the city yet the number of new listings are down 3.8% and total active listings have dropped by a whopping 31.4%. What does this mean? Buyers are still out there but they are eating into existing inventories. Today the city of Toronto has a mere 1.7 months of inventory across all housing types and if you focus in on districts where condominiums don't account for a significant portion of available inventory, that number drops to less than 1 month. Clearly demand is at a record levels while supply is as tight as ever.